Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Stretch Is Finished!

A MAJOR step in the build has been finished tonight. The chassis is now extended to the desired length! This is great news, and I have Bo to thank for all the hard work and expertise he put into it.

Today was pretty straightforward, just removing the mounting blocks and finishing up the welds.

In other news, the shell is complete and the extra parts are almost done. It will be ready for pick up in about one week. I'm currently exploring options on how to best make this happen.

One route I'm considering is pimping the job out to the TV show "Shipping Wars", which focuses on transportation of weird or exotic goods. I think the MattMobile sure qualifies! I'm not entirely sure if I want to attract THAT much attention to the build, but I haven't exactly been keeping a low profile.


Barry John said...

Nice work Matt. I first saw this on the RPF but will follow your progress from this blog I think. Bet your relieved about finishing the stretch. I'm from New Zealand and anything that requires weilding is very highly regulated and more so with chassis work. Whats it like where you are? Any paperwork involved?

MattMunson said...

Barry, thanks for the note! I am indeed very pleased to see the stretch finally finished. After the tear down, this is the next really big hurdle. Where are you in New Zealand?? I am a Kiwi myself, though I've been living in the states for many many years now. I live in California, and welding is entirely unregulated at the hobbyist level. I'm sure if I wanted to build a sky scraper, I would need some certs, but for the work I'm doing I don't. Stay in touch!

Barry John said...

I'm from Christchurch but am living in the united kingdom. My lady is doing her P.h.D. over here. Luckly for us as the first chch quake struck just before before we hopped on a plane. I'm a recovering petrolhead (can't afford to run a car over here) and my old man is a big hotrod fan. He's building one at the moment. The regulations have gottern so tough there now. Really enjoying the progress. Will do.