Friday, March 23, 2012

Star Trek Tri-Viewer Progress

Yesterday was an extremely productive day on the Tri-Viewer. I spent many hours out in the garage working on this, and it came together very nicely. The bad news is that I've now officially entered the really painful phase of the project, which is the putty/sand/primer/repeat phase. ugh!

Here you can see the main body is complete, and I've started puttying up the edges. I still need to install three vertical slats on the side, but the overall construction of the main body is complete. I drilled wood screws into the underside, so the thing is never going to just fall apart. I'm also really happy with the pyramid.

In one afternoon, I finished the base. It may not look like much from the photos, but it was actually a pretty complex build, with a lot of pieces that needed to be cut pretty precisely in order for it to all fit together properly. Here you can see I'm gluing a couple of side panels to the bottom of the base.

And here is the whole thing assembled, but missing the corner triangles. Those were cut out later and glued into place.

As of this writing, I'm knee deep in puttying up the base, and it's coming together very nicely.

This also showed up in the mail yesterday. I got it from I originally purchased one from the same manufacturer at Home Depot, but it was too big. This smaller one fits perfectly, is invisible, and spins VERY smoothly. I'm pretty excited about it.

That's all for now. I will post some more pictures of the tri-viewer as I have something interesting to show, but for the next little while it's going to be very boring putty work.

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