Monday, March 25, 2013

Multipass Tutorial - Step 1

The most important step: The first step!

Here I check to make sure that each part that is supposed to be there is actually there.

This is what it looks like before opening. Snazzy packaging, yes??

Here's a breakdown of the parts. I will refer to these parts throughout the tutorial using the names I give here. Click on the little picture to see a bigger picture, which has all the parts numbered.

  1. Front Graphics
  2. Back Graphics
  3. Back Plate
  4. Top Plate
  5. Mid plate
  6. Bullet Strip
  7. LED Surround
  8. Red Wire
  9. Yellow Rod
  10. Thin Rings (x2)
  11. Disk (x2)
  12. Thick Rings (x2)
  13. Clear Dome
  14. LED
  15. Yellow Vinyl
  16. Ribbed Styrene (x2)
  17. Ribbed Styrene Template

1 comment:

Aedan Jennerator said...

hi is this your original kit you made? Ive been trying to laser cut one similar for a normal credit card to slot in but I cant refine the dimensions accurately enough. do you sell the plan for this? Or a kit? It looks great!