Monday, March 25, 2013

Multipass Tutorial - Step 13

In this step, we prep the LED bezel, and attach it to the body. There's a tiny trick to this step that may not be obvious to the first time builder. This is a very simple step.

For this step, all you need is the LED bezel and some sand paper.

The outer edge of the top face of the bezel has a rounded edge. Use the sand paper to gently notch down the right angle edges. It's hard to find good reference for this part, so just do what you think looks right. Just a little rounded-ness to the edge should be fine.

Here's the trick to attaching the bezel to the pass body and have it being in perfect position. First, place the LED into the hole in the body. It should fit right in perfectly. Do a test fitting of the bezel before gluing. Make sure it fits. If you need to sand out the inside edges a tiny bit, now would be the time to do it.

put glue on the downward facing side of the bezel.

Then slide it over the LED, into its final resting place on the pass body. Nice fit!!

Then remove the LED. All done!

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