Monday, March 25, 2013

Multipass Tutorial - Step 4

In this step, I assemble what I call the "Battery Case".

For this step, you need two parts from the kit, and some styrene gule. You'll need the large circle with no hole in it, and one of the thin washers. Do NOT use the thick washer.

Take your plastruct glue and brush some on to the thin washer. You don't want to soak the piece, but get even coverage. Before it has a chance to dry, press it onto the large disk, lining up the edges as closely as possible.

When this step is done, it will look like the photo on the left. You've finished constructing the battery case.

PLEASE NOTE: I have included in the kit an extra thin and thick washer. If you want to make a working version of the pass, and need some extra room for a battery, these may come in handy. It will make the pass less accurate, but you may want to sacrifice that in order to fit in a momentary switch or something. I will leave that as an exercise for the student.

Though not manditory, I chose to sand down the edges of the battery case here. This makes for a nice smooth edge. You must sand carefully, and be sure not to introduce a bezel into the shape. When you glue the battery case onto the body, if you have sanded it down too much, it will be too small in comparison to the rest of the body.

You can easily skip this step and just sand the edges once you get the body assembled.

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