Monday, March 25, 2013

Multipass Tutorial - Step 8

This is a fairly simple step where we attach the battery case to the back of the pass.

Keep in mind that I am doing a static build up of the kit, meaning no working electronics. If you are going to add electronics to yours, you may chose to do this step differently. Perhaps you would drill and tap small holes for screws instead of just gluing it in place.

The parts you will use to complete this step are the body of the pass, and the battery cover that we prepared in an earlier step. This is the disk with the thin ring glued to the inside.

I used my Plastruct glue again here, though you can use any type of styrene glue. Testors, or whatever. Put the glue on the battery case, then press the case into place on the body. Hold it in place firmly while the glue kicks. Before you press it down, you'll have a few seconds to align the case so that it's properly positioned.

And here it is all done. Pretty simple.

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