Monday, January 27, 2014

BTW, Meet MTW!

Bo The Welder (BTW) has been of immense help on the MattMobile project, and also spearheaded the motorcycle restoration project. I've learned a lot from working with Bo, and his knowledge seems to know no bounds.

It was time for me to finally get my feet wet in the world of welding, and that happened just the other day. Though completely ugly, I finally made my first few welds. I took some scrap 1X1 stock I had lying around, clamped it to the welding table and went to work. I kind of focused more on getting the feel for how the gun works, and that's what the big strips of welding goo are all over the place. Just getting familiar with the torch.

Hopefully over time I will improve :D

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Matt.. I was wondering when you would get the welding bug. It looks good and your only going to get better. Keep up the good work. You and Tim keep me motivated. So a big thank you sir and look foreword to seeing more.