Saturday, January 25, 2014

UD Replicas Smallville Jacket

When Smallville was on the air, I was a huge fan of this jacket and definitely wanted to get one. There were a couple of alternatives that cropped up over the years. The folks that made the jackets for the show started offering jackets for sale, but at a price tag that was too steep for me. Not saying that it wasn't a fair price, just that it was more than I was interested in paying. There were also a few cosplay companies online and ebay who offered a jacket, though the quality looked extremely questionable.

So it came as a complete thrill, and no surprise, to learn that UD Replicas would be bringing a high quality, affordable replica of the jacket to market. Though they announcement was made after Smallville went off the air (May need some fact checking on that claim - ed) interest still existed for the jacket, especially from me.

Mine arrived just the other day, and as with all of my previous UD Replicas purchases, I'm really happy with it. To my eyes, it's a really well made garment, and looks just like the one from the show. It's a very flattering cut, and looks great when worn.

Please be sure to check out the UD Replicas website at for more information, and a listing of their currently available products.

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