Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sherlock Bits & Pieces

Like the rest of the civilized world, I've been greatly enjoying the BBC series "Sherlock", which recently had its third series. Really fantastic television, if you've managed to be living under a rock for the past few years.

I picked up a few pieces recently that I think are pretty neat.

From Amazon, I picked up a copy of London A to Z. Not entirely sure if this is the right one, but it's iconic enough from the first season episode that it's good for a laugh or two. Something I will probably carry in my pocket when running around in Sherlock garb.

The iconic magnifying glass that Sherlock is seen sporting throughout the series is also available on, though not terribly cheap. Big thanks to the website who provided information and links for this piece.

I also wanted to find a Deerstalker. The one pictured here was my first attempt. I believe the supplier of this hat was the same one the Sherlock production used for their third season herringbone hat, but they have since changed the fabric used and it now appears much darker than the one seen on screen. Which is kind of a shame.

After that, I resigned myself to finding one of the more available tweed deerstalker hat, which is the style worn in the first season. Though the one I found is not IDENTICAL, it falls clearly into the "Close enough" category that I'm happy. Which is unusual for me. Not the part about being happy. The part about being happy with a "close enough" alternative.

The big reveal though is still to come. I recently broke down and ordered one of the Sherlock coat replicas from the Celestial Toystore. For reference, these coats are made from the exact same fabric used in the original Belstaff coats, using a pattern pulled from an original coat. CT also provided a few coats to the Sherlock production for series 3. So for my money, this is THE coat to get, barring stumbling upon an original Belstaff.

I'm holding off on posting pictures until I can get some quality shots of the coat in good lighting. I can however confirm that it's an amazing jacket, and you should get one.

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