Monday, April 2, 2012

Finishing Touches on Chassis Stretch

BTW came over today to finish up some extra reinforcement on the frame today. He welded on some steel plates, one over each seam. This should add a ton of strength to the spots where the rails are welded onto the chassis. BTW says they are not necessary, but can not hurt.

Here's how the pieces look welded into place.

Here's Bo, hard at working making my dreams a reality.

Another shot of the plate.

After some discussion with Bo, I realized that I do not need the firewall from the Caprice that I've been holding onto for a while. Originally, I had hoped to salvage it, as it's all shaped perfectly for the AC unit. However, because we are making so many changes to the overall dimensions of the car and placement of engine, I am convinced that this will be more work and time than I would save. So I pulled out the sawzall and chopped it up. Now it's off to the local dumpster to get rid of it.

Really neat to see the progress continuing at a steady pace. I'm also feeling very confident that the shell is going to make its way here sometime in the month of April. I suspect I will end up getting it myself, but I still have a few options to explore.

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