Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vektor CP-1 Molding Progress

I've been sitting on this piece for a long time now, and finally found some time to start the molding process. For reference, this is a Vektor CP-1. It has been used in a ton of sci-fi and genre tv shows and movies. The main ones that come to mind are the new Battlestar Galactica, and The Fifth Element. It was used as the base gun for the Korben Dallas blaster. In NuBSG, it appeared unaltered, as a standard issue side arm. I can't think of any other films off the top of my head where it has shown up, but I see it all the time whenever they need an exotic or futuristic gun.

It took about two hours of work, but I have carefully clayed up all of the cracks and openings on the gun. I also filled in the barrel, but left about an inch worth of bore so it will still look good when it's finished. Speaking of bore, what I'm doing here is pouring a tiny amount of silicone down the barrel. I plan on molding this piece in two halves, a left and a right. Pouring silicone into a gap like this when the piece is lying on its side can be problematic, and usually results in air bubbles. Like, a huge one. So I mix up a tiny bit of silicone and carefully pour it in. When I pour the first half, it will bond to this silicone and will hold it in place inside the mold.

For the record, this Vektor is deactivated and can never be made to fire.

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