Friday, April 27, 2012

Frock Coat Progress

I don't have a very strong track record with sewing projects, as I usually find myself frustrated beyond repair once I hit about the half way mark. But, after a few discussions both online and off recently, I thought I would give it another shot. I've got everything I could ever need onhand, so it's not like there's a big capital outlay to be had.
The real clincher was when my pal John Palmeri posted a link to this pattern on his facebook page:

It's a turn of the century frock coat. It reminded me a lot of a coat that Keith Carter had with him at last years Dragon*Con that I took a liking too. I got the pattern, went through the normal process of reading the instructions, then cut out the paper pattern pieces I would need.

I'm doing one in muslin first in order to debug the experience. So far, it's proven very valuable as I did a few things wrong the first time through. Overall though, things are coming together nicely.

The first picture is of the back side of the top of the coat. Just the torso.

The second picture is a closeup of the sleeve cuff. I thought it turned out particularly nice, so I decided a closeup was in order.

I don't really plan on documenting this build very much, as there are plenty of sewing websites out there that are far better at tutorials and walkthroughs. I suppose if anything, this is just sort of a "See, I CAN do anything!!!!" blog post. :D

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