Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tires Have Arrived.

Yesterday the FedEx man dropped off four huge Mickey Thompson tires!

I may have posted about this earlier, but I wanted to take a moment to document what all the numbers on the tire specs mean. This confused the heck out of me for a long time, and now that I've got the tires on hand, I can make some sense of it. For the record, here are the specs of the rear wheels:

31" x 16.5" - 15"LT

And below are two pictures that illustrate where these measurements apply to the tires themselves.

In my minds eye, the back tire should be a lot larger than the front, but maybe it will all play out just fine. I'll have to wait and see. And hopefully I won't be returning any tires. Worst would be returning tires AND rims, but when I think about it, the rims should be applicable should I change tire size. I'm under the assumption that tires offer different sizes based on one variable changing, so if I wanted a larger diameter, but the same width and rim size, that would work. Big assumption.

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