Monday, April 1, 2013

TARDIS and MattMobile Build Update Videos

Although I swore off making videos for awhile, you know... until I actually got some work done, there's been some really big advances in both projects. All of which are worth showing off.

First up is the MattMobile, which now has a dedicated build facility in Santa Ana. Very cool!.

Second is the first video of my TARDIS build, which has been flying very under the radar until lately.


Anonymous said...

Very very very cool, I loved Dr. Who when I was a kid. It was Tom Baker back then I'm old. Knit the scarf next ;)
I hope you are makin this so you can take it apart again. Because you will never get it out of your garage. But I can only think of one thing cooler to have in your garage, and you went and got it its own cave...

Take care dude..

David said...

Looking great Matt. Which plans are you using for the Tardis?