Thursday, April 25, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 9

I am almost all caught up with my blog updates for the Tardis build, and this one will pretty much be it. Which is great.

First up, I wanted to extend a hand of gratitude to the good folks at Star Trek Renegades, who I am currently working with to produce a series of behind the scenes pieces and interviews. So far I have intereviewed four cast members. The first part of my interview with Tim Russ has already been loaded into my youtube page, and soon to follow is part of of my chat with Adrienne Wilkinson. Already this week I have logged interviews with Larissa Gomes, and veteran actor Richard Herd. Richard portrayed Admiral Paris in Star Trek Voyager, and also the main bad dude in the original V tv series. Truly an honor to be working with such talented and wonderful people.

And really that's all just given as an excuse for why I haven't done any building in the past two days.

The good news is that lots of stuff has been happening in the background, behind the scenes. I've ordered my pebbled lexan for the windows, and the production of the PVC waterjet cut window frames is complete, and they are shipping. I've purchased what I believe to be the right lantern, and we are nearly there with the correct toppers. I've also gotten some attachment hardware for the light boxes that go behind the windows. So lots of movement on the project, just not a lot of activity in the garage for the past two days.

First order of business when it comes to doing final install on the walls is putting bolts onto the back of the walls. Following Philips method, I am putting six bolts on each door. One on the top, two on each side, and one on the bottom. For reference, here are the bolts I'm using. I got them at Home Depot.

A better look:

Here's what the bolts look like installed. This really wasn't much of a trick. I just drilled a little pilot hole first, then sunk in the screws. Precision wasn't really a big factor, as the bolts slide about a half inch out.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had to install the "spine" to the door. I used my hand weights to secure it into place. I've seen folks use really complicated and effective means of clamping this thing into place, but I just couldn't be arsed. So I put some weights on it. And it worked.

Here you can see two of the walls fitted into place. IIRC, I still needed to do a bit of trimming on one of the doors at this point, but it ended up just being some light sanding.

"MattMunson, what the eff are those clamps all about" you may be asking yourself. During the course of wall construction, they took on a little bit of a bow. I'm sure resting hand weights on them for a few hours didn't help. What you are looking at here is an attempt to get out that bow, and hold the wall in the proper shape while I mark the hole for the top bolt to fit into.

Here's an interior look at the wall in place.

A nice look at all three walls in place, along with a few beauty shots from behind.

For the curious, a bit of this makes an appearance in the most recent Team Tardis video update. Check it out to see more.

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