Monday, April 8, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 3

I'm still a little bit behind on my blog updates, but hopefully the next update or two will get me current.

Work continues at a frantic pace, with unprecedented amount of daily hours being spent on the blue beast.

This is the roof about midway through construction. I meiter cut the inner rectangle, then just glued on and screwed in a series of boards to get it into the right shape. Here I'm clamping down one of the boards for drying.

This shows me clamping down the last set of boards. These rest on top of the sign boxes.

This picture came up in a conversation I was having about selling stuff online. Maximize profits, I always say.

And the topic of margaritas came up, at which point I have to mention that my neighbor is a tequila magnate, and is a proud sponsor of the MattMobile project. He donates tequila to the cause. Available at Ralphs and finer booze shops!

Here's the roof assembly after all the gluing and screwing.

The only remaining task is to do the corner blocks, which you can see are glued into place here. They not only cover up the screws that I used on the corners, but the also support some of the weight. These go on top of the posts.

Meanwhile, back at the Batcave...

As with many elements of this project, I like to build Proof-of-Concept pieces. This helps me figure out how to make it happen, and lets me feel comfortable about making mistakes. This was my first stab at the pyramid. My measurements turned out to be ROCK solid, but I made a mistake in the cutting.

From this POC, I devised a new method for roof making. Not at all wasted work.

Building the roof made a ton of mess in the garage, so I took some time to get it all cleaned up.

And then, just like in Torchwood, it was Miracle Day. Local R2 builder and friend David A. dropped off a table saw for me to use. I was hoping to make it through the build without using one (as I'm terrified of them. And rightly so!!) but I reached a point where I was just stuck. So this came as a great surprise and made me immensely happy.

And it is this exact operation you see below that I was finding impossible to do without a table saw. This thing made short work of it.

All forty of them. UGH!!!

That's it for this post. More to come shortly. I've got about 20 more build pictures to go, then I'm all caught up.

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