Saturday, April 6, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 2

The build blog continues! This time with jokes!!

When we left off, I had just about completed my POC post, and it turned out really well. So well in fact that I decided to keep it as one of my ACTUAL posts that will be used in my final build.

Now it was time for Ewan to play catch up. With all of the techniques fresh in my mind, I offered to do a bit of help along the way. Here Ewan has cut pieces that will be used as his post bases, and cut all the biscuit slots in them.

This is Ewan's first post. Notice he is using a different type of wood than I am. His build needs to be a little different as his will live outside. We are using a different type of wood, which poses different challenges.

And here's a whole ton of finished posts!

The way I communicated progress to Ewan during the week was via this whiteboard. I would take pictures of it as progress was made, and hash marks were erased. Each hash mark represents work still to be done.

Then we went to Dim-Sum with Alex Halcyon and the Tardis Girls! Seemed entirely appropriate.

Then it was back to work. The next item to be completed is the sign boxes. As with the posts, I started with a small scale proof of concept. I needed to figure out how to get the meiter saw to do my bidding. I started with thin little pieces of left over wood.

They went together very nicely to form this frame. This was also my first experimentation with these strap clamps, another idea swiped from Philip Wise's build.

With the POC successfully behind me, it was on to the full sized boxes.

Each box then needed a lip inside it to support the sign itself, along with some border work to block out the back opening.

Next I built a set of four back boxes, These will provide structural support for the TARDIS, holding the posts together, along with allowing for easy backlighting of the signs.

Finally, I was getting some good use out of my kitchen.

R2-D2 looks on disapprovingly.

The back boxes were then joined to the outer frames using clamps and biscuits.

And then it was time for a pool break.

Here's the first three boxes finished and assembled.

I was still on the fence about whether or not to do a Smith style TARDIS, or Tennant. Tennant is indeed my favorite doctor, but I find the details of the Smith build to be much more pleasing. I think the bas-relief sign is way cooler, the bolder blue much nicer, and the clean look a bit cooler.

And now all four of my boxes are finished.

I built a jig to router out the space for the hinges.

Here's how it looks finished.

And then we played Cards Against Humanity. Here are a couple of my favorite hands.

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Jeff said...

Hey Matt!
Great progress! It always makes me slightly sad to see a good New Series build like this because my own attempts to make a Tennant box fell woefully short - the plans I was using were very inaccurate and my woodworking skills aren't up to much. I've always wanted to rebuild, but lack the funds, so I have to stick with my box as it is. I do like it, but I'm sure you're aware how bad builders remorse can get!

If I may, with regards to which TARDIS you should make, in my years of Who prop building - ALWAYS go for your favourite ERA of the show, not favourite DESIGN. Unless you have REALLY strong feelings either way, your opinions on the aesthetics will change, you may start to like a newer box more, or appreciate an older design, however, although you may find that your favourite Doctor changes in future, you will always like Tennant and nothing will ever change that. Building a box from his era is a much more solid investment than creating one from an era which you don't like so much but do like the prop from.
Additionally, how large are your posts across? The Smith ones are 6 inches, the Eccles-Tennant slightly smaller, about 5.5 inches. The bigger posts and taller base of the Smith contributes greatly to it's look, the posts you can get away with but the base not so much. If you've got a thinner base I'd strongly advise going for the Tennant design, because the builders remorse with this will be bad if you don't get it exactly how you like. Philip's in the end was an INCREDIBLE build, but didn't fit into either Tennant or Smith era quite right, and for him that worked, nothing wrong with going down the middle and creating the design you prefer over accuracy, but you have to be sure that's what you want to do before you commit.

I hope I haven't come across as too overbearing, it's, of course, totally up to you! I just have a lot of remorse left over from my build, and I know many others in the TARDIS-building world feel this too, so I wanted to warn you about that! But hey-ho, it has to be right for you, and that's the main thing, but opinions aren't really up to much!

I wish you the best of luck, it's looking absolutely fabulous so far! 2 TARDISes eh? I'm very jealous! So which one is your friend building then, if you are still unsure?