Thursday, April 11, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 5

As with all updates to date, much has happened in the past few days.

With the tardis now standing up on it's own, it was time to turn my attention to the walls, and front doors.

After MUCH chicanery and skullduggery at the Home Depot (on their behalf, mind you) I was finally able to find all of the plywood that I wanted. Long story short, the plywood I wanted was hiding under a couple of sheets of some OTHER kind of plywood that was not relevant to my interests. Way to merchandise your store, Home Depot Irvine.

Apparently I was premature (or just plain wrong - ed) in my belief that Home Depot does not deliver. Apparently, they do. I'm still not sure if they would deliver four pieces of plywood and some 2X4's and frankly I don't want to find out. Not when it's twice the fun to swipe one of their carts and push it all the way home. I timed the trip this time. It was about 24 minutes in each direction. Yes, I returned the cart when I was done. This is Irvine, baby. Not the hood.

Before doing my wall layups, I reinforced all of the slats and rails by adding in pocket holes and screws. I did this using the Kreg tool thingie, which is a total miracle maker. Very easy to use, and makes quick neat work of the job. And the connectors turn out great.

Before doing the wall glue up, I built a small work table using a 1/2" thick piece of plywood and the 2X4's. This way I could guarantee a fairly flat and level surface. Well, much more dependable than the garage floor. It also gave me a surface to clamp to during the glue up. Here you can see the first door under construction. I covered the open parts with painters tape and paper. This would help eliminate glue seepage and drips or spills.

Here's the first wall, all glued up and cleaned up. Looks pretty darn good. As with everything else... bigger than expected.

The last operation I had to do on the walls was to remove the part for the windows. I drilled four holes in the corner, then cut out the bulk of it with a jig saw. Then I went in with the router and knocked it even with the slats. A file was then used to angle off the corners.

Lastly, progress continues on Ewans tardis. In his absence, I finished gluing up the available slats and rails for the wall/door assemblies. In an unfortunate error as a result of the learning curve, Ewan's are better than mine. RATS!

Plenty more to come, so please check back soon!

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