Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 14

I'm definitely knee deep in painting at this point in the build. It's messy and not much fun, but I carry on. I did some more work on the posts, in an attempt to give them a nice, rich coat of paint.

And then it was onto the sign boxes. I used my router table to trim down the signs bit by bit until they fit perfectly into the boxes. This is the first one I completed.

The rest came together pretty quickly after that.

To get everything out of the way, I put as much of the TARDIS together as I could. Here are the posts, inserted into the base.

Then I painted the sign boxes.

On top of each sign is a plexiglass rectangle that also needed to be cut to size. In this pic, you can see the entire assembly.

Then I put the sign boxes in place on the posts.

I then put the walls in.

Looks pretty snappy with the roof on it!!

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