Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vektor CP-1 Castings For Sale

Many years ago, I got ahold of a deactivated CP-1, an exceedingly rare African firearm that was used as the base for the Korben Dallas gun in The Fifth Element. Of course, my plan was to eventually build an all machined replica of that gun, but it still hasn't quite happened.

For a list of movies and TV shows that the Vektor was used in, please check out this website.

Since interest in this piece continues to climb, and with the Tardis build now behind me and some free time on my hands, I finally got around to pouring rubber on it.

If you're interested in one, please email me at my yahoo address, BanishedInOhio. I will NOT sell a casting to you if I do not know you, or have not done business with you in the past. This is mainly in an effort to minimize the possibilities of recasting. To my knowledge, NOBODY offers castings of this gun. While I understand how this hobby works and recognize that one of these will eventually fall into the hands of a recaster, I want to minimize that possibility in any way I can. I will also NOT ship outside of the US. Despite the fact that it's solid cast resin, I just can't imagine any good coming from trying to get it through customs. Sorry.

Castings are available in White and dark grey. I use SmoothOn casting resin. Shrinkage is VERY nominal. These castings are ridiculously clean, and require very little clean up.

Castings are $55 dollars, shipped anywhere in the US. If you want more than one, let me know and I'll knock a few bucks off for combined shipping.

As you can tell, the castings are coming out BEAUTIFULLY! Registration is top notch, and for this casting there were NO noticeable air bubbles. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results.

If you purchase a casting from me, it will arrive in basically the condition you see here. I barely did ANY clean up on the gun before taking these photos simply so you could see what it will look like when it shows up.

For reference, here is a pic of the mold I made for this piece.

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