Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 15

As you may have seen in a previous blog post, my primary door needed some trimming along the bottom. That way it would sit at the same height as the other door. I came up with a way to router off tiny bits of the doors in measurable increments. Here's how it's done:

See? They are now even!

Here you can see the door fit into place. Looks really great!

Meanwhile I popped the roof of the tardis off and painted the inside with a coat of semi-flat black enamel. This is purely cosmetic. I just want it to look pretty on the inside. Cuz it's what's on the inside that counts.

I needed to do some more painting, so I covered the tardis with a tarp. Didn't want to get any overspray on her accidentally.

I put of the semi-flat black enamel on the backs of the doors.

I wanted to see what it looked like with some windows in place, so I put one in just for a pic. Looks great!

And with the front door now painted, I temporarily put the lock in place so I can see how that looks too. AND IT LOOKS GREAT!!!

I've also put up another build video that shows some progress that wasn't included in this blog post. Please check it out!

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writergirl1029 said...

It's so...beautiful!