Thursday, June 13, 2013

TARDIS Build Update - Part 16

For those of you who have been kind enough to have been following my blog for this build, I want to start by saying thank you! I really appreciate knowing that some folks out there are enjoying the pictures I'm posting, and the occasional bit of build wisdom I'm committing to paper. Or print. Or internet. Hard to say really, as these times we are in are changing so quickly! hehehe

This will actually be the LAST build post for my TARDIS. By the time you hit the bottom of this post, the beast is done. BUT I will be posting more pictures in the future, most likely ones taken with a much better camera than the one found on my phone. But let us get started, shall we??

First up, a nice shot of the front doors. Sign is in place, handles in place, and the lock in place.

Here's a rather ominous view from the side.

Inside the TARDIS, showing how the lock and catch are mounted.

Fully functional, I might add.

Here's how everything looks without the roof on. I believe by this point I had finished repainting the side wall, and it's all done.

So pretty!

Here's the view from the inside. Notice that the windows are all in place, and the paper backing has been removed.

With the roof put on, there's only about six inches of clearance to the roof. Not enough for the lantern, I'm sad to say.

But that didn't stop me from doing some touch up painting on the chimney topper. It took a little sanding to get it to fit.

But look! It fits perfectly!

If only there was a lantern on top of it!

One of the last remaining tasks was to put the magnetic catch in place for the phone door. I had to mount a little block of wood to the inside of the tardis to hold the magnet part. The metal part just screwed into the door. Here you can see that I've painted the block black.

The only thing really remaining was to make and attach the Ambulance disk. It's stuck to the front door with some VHB tape.

And yet the journey continues! Here you can see Ewan's TARDIS in the foreground taking place, as my finished one sits handsomely in the background.

So hop in, grab on, sit down... and let's see what's out there!!!!

(Cue closing theme music, roll end credits)

OH, also check out the latest Team Tardis build video. It's not as current as this blog post, but still shows some fun building action.

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Tom Baum said...

Woo! Congratulations on finishing.
I think this is the first of your builds I've been able to follow from beginning to end.
It was really nice to see the effort and quality that was put into this from the very start.

The next step is obviously to install it over a trapdoor to catch errant whovians. (real life works like Looney Tunes, right?)