Monday, April 7, 2008

Butane Torch Frenzy

Late on Sunday, I wrapped up the last of the butane torch work. And I managed to do it all without burning the garage down. That's cool.

Here you see the fully assembled piece that goes on top of the rifle, and the smaller circular piece that goes on the front underside.

You'll notice that one of the legs is not soldered on. That is on purpose, as full assembly would make it impossible to attach to the body of the gun. So one of those joints will be held in place by epoxy. I'm not going to attempt to butane the thing while it's on the rifle, as that will no doubt cause trouble. I just don't see that scenario ending well for anyone.

Fire. Pretty.

Only three real remaining tasks on the rifle as I see it. I need to attach all of the copper assemblies, fabricate a barrel tip, and do the little detail piece on the top of the thing that I dremelled off a while ago.

I'd say there's a decent chance that this could get finished by the end of the month.

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