Saturday, April 19, 2008


No, not the KISS album, silly. I'm talking about the Mangalore Rifle. Duh.

Here's the rifle with all of that nasty blue tape removed.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's certainly not perfect. There are a few spots where the paint crept under the masking tape, and a few spots where the masking wasn't perfect. But on something this size, it's hard to maintain a super high degree of quality control on the little details.

One remaining task is to rebuild a little detail piece on the top of the gun. Because the seam didn't match up too well on this part, I ended up grinding it from my casting. Figured I'd just replace it later. Well, that time is now!

Here's the mold, showing the piece in question. It's mirrored on both sides.

I used a trick I picked up from a friend years ago. I used metal plumbers tape on the inside of the mold to form a wall. Don't get the wrong idea; the tape does NOT stick to the inside of the mold. But because it's so good about keeping its shape, you only need to apply a tiny amount of pressure with your fingers to keep it in place.

I mixed up a tiny bit of resin, poured it in, then held the tape in place until it had kicked.

After about ten minutes, I pulled the pieces out of the molds. They came out great. Now I just need to clean them up, glue them together, paint them, and attach them.

At this point, the following tasks remain:

1. Finish aforementioned detail piece.
2. Scratch build a nozzle
3. weather
4. party

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