Monday, April 7, 2008


I've got three separate entries that have been posted today, and this is the first. I'm trying to group entries by project, to avoid confusion to any reader who wants to breeze through the archives.

Cuz ya know, there's lots of readers who want to do that. Right?

Anyhow, this weekend, I did some more work on both TNG padds. Nothing to really show, as the photos don't seem to really capture what I'm working on.

Long story short, the Krylon that I'm using to paint the PADDs doesn't agree with the primer I used. This causes the occasional "freak spot", which is hard to fix. I generally end up just blasting the problem area with krylon, then wet sanding it smooth. NBD.

So here's the latest. The back side of the small screen padd, and the front of the large screen padd.

Krylon also doesn't dry really well unless conditions are optimal. Even a day or two might not be enough. So for now, I'm just going to let these little fellers cook.

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