Thursday, April 3, 2008

More PADD Painting

I did a tiny bit of work on the TNG padds tonight, but nothing really major. I'm at a point where it's important to leave the paint to dry overnight, else I run the risk of leaving marks in it and stuff.

In my previous entry, I had wetsanded the back side of the padd to eliminate some imperfections, but along the way, revealed a freak spot where the paint doesn't seem to want to stick. So after the wetsanding was done, I took it back down to the garage and blasted the spot in question with a some more primer. When this dries, I'll sand it again, then do another coat of paint. OY, it's a lot of trouble!

And here's the other PADD. This guy is all prepped, primered, and ready for paint. I hit it with the first coat of Krylon tonight. Going to let that dry overnight and come at it again tomorrow. So far, so good.

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