Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blade Runner Wallets All Around

This post isn't really about building anything in particular, but I want to show off a couple of new acquisitions. Since my prop website has kind of fallen into a state of disrepair, it looks like the new additions will go here instead.

Both of these wallet sets were made by friends of mine, so I'll leave their names out to protect them from the infamous Blade Runner Mafia.

First up is a "fantasy" piece, meaning that it was inspired by the movie, but does not reproduce something seen in the movie. This is a concept piece that is a vision of what Deckards wallet MAY have looked like fifteen years prior to the events of the movie. Really neato.

And this is the latest incarnation of Deckards wallet as seen in the movie. The real clincher in this set is the execution of the ID card, which is based on the new intel learned from the "world con" photos. Best replica yet.

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Michael said...

Your wallet props you make are awesome, inspires me, oh crap, more stuff added to the "to do" list.