Saturday, May 17, 2008

Brady Tiki

Loads of updates today, and this will be the first topic to be covered.

Readers will remember that I got this resin casting a while ago, and had mixed feelings about the quality of the casting. LOTS OF BUBBLES!

I dug around on the inner-webs, and it turns out that there's TONS of information out there on this little tiki. I never knew it was so elusive. It took a friend of mine about a month or two of monitoring some tiki forums to find it, so I guess it's all about knowing where to look. Here's some interesting info on the tiki:

Here are a couple of screen shots of the tiki in action, from the Hawaii episodes of the brady bunch:

The interesting news is that it looks as if it IS indeed an off white, cream color. I had it in my head that it was white. Not so much. That's cool for me, as it looks like the resin that I'm using right now (and have a bunch of) is pretty much the right color.

I decided to use this one as a test, to see if the painting technique I've devised would work.

Here's the tiki, soaked in Krylon semi-gloss black.

All I did after that was go at with a sock that was dipped in laquer thinner. It came out REALLY great. I think this looks a whole lot like the one that was in the show. I could probably stand to take out a little more black, but you get the idea.

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