Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mangalore Nozzle

At this point, the only real remaining task left on building up the rifle is the nozzle.

Here's the piece as it came out of the mold. You can still clearly see the writing on the top of it. Tasty!

I spent a little time using putty and sand paper to flatten out the top, but it turned out great. I then drilled a big old hole in it, off center. Then hit it with some primer.

Then, all I had to do was blast it with a couple of coats of black. It's drying right this very second. As soon as it's done, I just have to epoxy it to the main body, and this baby is done.

I've decided not to whether the gun for now. I'll just leave it as is. I'll need to experiment a little with some techniques before I commit to plowing the gun under in simulated dirt and grime.

Still, the good news is that this baby is really almost done now. Too bad I was hoping to have it finished by the end of December. I'll still be maintaining my one prop per month policy, and that's all I can ask. Well, I can ALWAYS ask more of myself, but hey, why push.

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