Monday, May 12, 2008

Knobby Bits

Please don't misinterpret the title of this post. This blog has not taken a turn for the pornographic. Nossir! I'm talking in this post about a little detail piece that goes on top of the rifle.

Readers will recall that while this piece was originally cast into the main body of the gun, I sanded it off due to the poor alignment I had gotten. Cuz that stuff ain't gonna fly. Not on my watch. So in this post, I show how I prepped the two resin pieces that I poured up previously.

I had to take the halves over to the belt sander, to clean up the back sides. I didn't to too good of a job, as there was a little unevenness to them. I straightened them out with some high grit sandpaper.

I glued the two halves together using some 2 minute epoxy. Nice!

I went in with some sand paper and my jewelers files to clean up the ribs the best I could. The two halves went together pretty well, but not perfectly. There was a bit of work to be done.

I went in with some putty to clean up the seam. I didn't really want to spend a ton of time on this little detail piece. There were far more noticeable seams on the gun, so it didn't really seem worth while to agonize over this little guy.

I put some primer on it, and did a little more sanding. It's just about done now.

After the primer had dried, I hit it with a couple of coats of krylon semi-gloss black. No picture, but I'm sure you get the point. Next up, I need to attach it to the gun.

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