Monday, February 15, 2010

Brain Fart

I had one of those 'Why didn't I think of this earlier??' moments earlier today when I was browsing the web. A resource I have known about for a long time, who goes by the name "Indy Magnoli" is also a very talented tailor AND leather worker. He may very well be up to the challenge of putting together some boots for me.

Indy's home page can be found here, where you can check out some of his personal creations, and his clothing company can be found here.

I have had an initial discussion with him about the boots, and he is going to put together a price for me. Looks like the main complication is the stamped leather, though I have already done some research on that, and have some resources that can help out.

After the crushing disappointment with Action Costumes in Argentina, I really want to turn to a resource that has a good reputation for delivering on their promised delivery times, and also has a reputation for quality. I believe Indy has both of these things going for him, so hopefully something positive will come out of it this time.


amir farjadpour said...

hey matt, please can i buy i chestemblem from you.. ill pay with paypal.

please get back to me if interested

hope to hear from you soon

MattMunson said...

Amir, sorry to say that I am not offering chest emblems for sale. This blog is meant to document my progress on my build up. Thanks for your interest though :)