Friday, February 19, 2010

Soles and Fabric

My thoughts continue to focus on the boots and soles. Everything else has really been taken care of, though perhaps not executed on. So the boots are running around in my head.

I have temporarily abandoned the idea of doing the scan/output/mold/cast process of made for production or screen used soles. The cost is not justified by the benefits. My task at hand then is to create them on my own. I will probably end up cutting a lot of corners to simplify my life, though if things go well, perhaps I will strive for a greater degree of accuracy.

My first POC (that's "Proof of Concept, for the uninitiated) will involve a pair of existing boots I have. I've got a nice pair of "CA Boots" lying around that I tend to wear with my Chris Reeve outfit. I have much nicer boots, but think of them more as display boots than walk around boots.

I have on hand a bunch of Sculpey that I picked up a while back at Michael's when I found it on sale.

However, after working with Sculpey for about five minutes, I realized it is not the right clay for this job. The stuff is just awful. Hence Michael's carrying it. I mean, heaven forbid the actually carry something of quality. Fortunately, and pal of mine has recommended some other products that I will research.

Once that clay arrives, I will attempt to sculpt a likeness of the sole using the skills and tools I have onhand. More to follow.

Lastly, I picked up some fabric today:

I will use this to create the "stabilization flap" for the cape. This is the part that will go on the inside of the cape, and will rest on the neck and shoulders. I need to dye it, obviously. That is the next step.

That's all for today. Thanks again for reading, and thank you for your feedback, comments, and motivation.

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