Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fabric Cut

My last cape attempt had me struggling with getting a big crease out of the middle of my fabric. This time, I shall not struggle! Tonight I cut a length of fabric big enough to make one cape, and tomorrow I will deliver it to a local dry cleaner and ask them to press it out.

I've also been putting more and more thought into the boot sole. I'm thinking I might take a stab at sculpting it myself. Even if it only turns out half way good, it will save me A LOT of money. Assuming I do not get ahold of castings of a made for production or fan made sole any time soon, I am leaning more and more toward sculpting my own. The cost of getting a decent set mastered is looking like it will be a few thousand bucks. If it was a year ago, I would probably do it. But right now, I am trying to hoard up money for much larger purchase later on in the year, and I am having a hard time justifying the expense. My hope is that some of my contacts will yield some details or castings, but in their absence, I'm becoming less and less comfortable with shelling out the big bucks for a part of the costume that will barely even be seen.

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