Saturday, February 27, 2010

Laser Quoting Fun Continues

Both of the laser cutters I have contacted got back to me with quotes yesterday, and they are roughly the same price. However, I have since made some changes to my drawings, and have added the requirement that one of the pieces be cut in styrene a little thicker than the rest of the pieces.

So I have sent out the new drawings and new reqs back to the cutters for a new quote. I suspect the quote will probably remain the same, as I removed two pieces from my drawing.

I had originally added in duplicates of the lower "arms", since one picture I have makes it look like there is a contour to it. I figured that could be accomplished by stacking up the styrene a little higher, then sanding in the contour. But when I look at OTHER pictures of the pass, I don't see that contour. The best picture is the one of the pass sitting on Korben's dresser, and there is clearly NO contour to it. I think it may just be an artifact of the process that was used to get that photo into the book it was scanned from. For all I know, they cut and pasted two different photos, and it just looks weird in that one photo. I'm not going to let ONE photo dictate the course of this project, especially when every other reference shot I have of the thing makes it look different.

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