Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pattern Work Progress

Another productive hour or two were snuck into this sunday evening's festivities. Tonight my goal was to finalize the pattern for the stabilizier.

Here's what the old pattern looked like after I had cut it up. The idea was to make sure it was uniform and mirrored. I folded it in half down the center line, did a little trimming, and cut off one of the "wings" entirely and just duplicated it.

Here's the final version on paper. I made some notes when I took my original pattern, and I incorporated the notes into the new drawing.

In the mean time, I ironed out all of my dyed fabric. As mentioned in earlier posts, I'm going to use the dark burgundy sample for this test cape.

That's all for now. The next step is to cut out the pattern. By then, I'm essentially at a point where I can't go much further on the cape construction without a heavy duty sewing machine.

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