Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EMails Flying

I had a really good phone conversation today with a gent named Todd McLain over at Steel Stamps Inc. in Las Vegas. They are the company I found to make the stamp I will need to do the leather for the boots. Todd gave me a few pointers about the process, and also gave me some tips about how to get the embossing done. I am thinking more and more that the way to go with the stamped leather is to get it sourced out. I don't think I would be able to do a good job at home with some small arbor press, especially when there are people out there (somewhere, I hope!!!) that offer that service for a living.

I also sent an email off to my old friend Sebastian at Action Costumes in Argentina. I was looking at the old post in my blog about the progress they were making, namely this one, and had the idea of trying to buy those off him. Or buy castings. Though there are some problems with those soles, they are 90% there, and would save me a lot of time and effort on an undertaking that I do not have confidence I could even complete. So it seemed like a good idea to at least ask. Worst case, he says no, at which point I am no worse off than I was before.

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