Friday, September 30, 2011

Batman & Robin Suction Cup Climber

Yes, I thought the movie sucked too, but I did like the designs of the props, despite how impractical they were. I mean, where would this fit on a utility belt anyway?

I picked this kit up a number of years ago, figuring it would make a good companion to my Icons Robin Throwing Bird from the same movie. It's a pretty rare kit, and since I purchased this one, I have not seen another one come up for sale. That said, the kit was pretty rough.

It was a very straightforward dump mold for the body, and the grip part was fairly beaten up, though the overall seam registration was pretty solid. The rubber was probably not degassed, resulting in pock marks all over the surface of the piece.

This was a very straightforward build, and was mostly just sanding and putty work. The hard part was figuring out how to get the grip to attach to the body. I ended up going with a couple of wood screws that go in from underneath. That was the fun part, and I mean that sincerely. I like solving problems like that one, as it lets me use my imagination and tools.

Here's the kit as it hit the work bench.

Grand total, from start to finish was six days. That was not six days straight of work. Don't get me wrong. Regular readers will know how much I dislike puttying and sanding, which means that I would work on this for an hour, then step away from it for a day. Still, for a kit that sat in a box for like five years, six days isn't that bad.

The paint job is decent. The original one was chromed, and then candy'd over with the red. It's a beautiful looking piece, the screen used one. obviously, I wasn't going to put that much effort or expense into this kit, so I settled on just zapping it with some DupliColor metallic silver.

Not a bad addition for the pile of Batman props I've been amassing over the years. It's a little obscure, but turned out nicely.

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