Thursday, September 15, 2011

SidKit Blade Runner Concept C.O.P. Gun

This is the next kit that is on the project workbench. It's a neat little kit put out by a gent in Italy who used to go by the name "SidKit" before his passing. I don't know how many of these kits made it into circulation, but I believe this is quite rare.

This piece was never produced for the film, but sketches exist that show its design. This was originally intended to be the blaster that Leon uses to blow away Holden during his interview at the Tyrell building.

Here's the kit as it came out of the bag.

I did some initial clean up, and decided to divert a tiny bit from the build instructions. After all, this was never seen on screen, so I see it as open to interpretation. The main change I'm making is that I'll be blending the butt-cap into the grip. I kicked around the idea of replacing the pyramid grip, as one side goes in the wrong direction, but I think that might over complicate things. Who knows.

Here's the initial clean up and putty of the grip.

And here's the first coat of primer.

There's still a lot of work to be done on this, and it's really just in the initial phases. There will definitely be some challenges to this built, but I think it will make for a nice final product.

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