Friday, September 23, 2011

Compression Rifle, Final Progress Pics Before Reveal

At the time of this writing, the Star Trek Voyager Compression Rifle is actually finished, though I still have a set of progress photos to post. They are contained herein. Mostly, this is just final little details that went into the build up.

For example, there's a little tab on the rear handle, something that looks like it might be a trigger. That needed to be painted silver. For the sake of time, it looks like on the screen used props they accomplished this with a brush. I decided to spray paint it. It took a pretty intricate mask to get it to work out right.

Here's the final outcome. It looks like there's silver down that thin channel in the middle, but that's a reflection.

I put the final touches on the scope assembly. There was a lot of dremel work involved here to get that pointy thing on the front to sit properly. There's also another tab looking thing on one side that took some doing to get it to fit properly. The paint job on the scope turned out really nicely too.

There are a set of rectangles on the inner sides of the forks that needed painting. This also took a pretty intricate mask to get right.

Here is how it turned out.

After this, there were a few little black details that I hand painted. For example, this part on the main power cell.

Then it's just a matter of final assembly. I spent A LOT of time with the dremel getting the power cell to sit properly in the rear of the rifle. That was probably the most time consuming single part of the build.

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