Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dead End Batarang Is Done

I posted some progress pics of this a week or so ago, and it's now done. This one came together very quickly, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. As with the other builds I've been cranking out lately, it is not super-perfect, but is pretty good. I'm trying really hard to stay away from the traps I usually fall into when it comes to making props, which is noodling away at the thing indefinitely. So much so that I lose interest in the prop. This one definitely has a few boogers in it, but the overall presentation is sound, I believe.

I did some very light weathering on it. Once I had finished the paint job, I hit it with some low grit sand paper around the edges, just enough to scratch some of the dark gray paint off to reveal the silver underneath. It gives it the appearance of having been thrown a few times. It's not terribly artistic, but I think it adds a little bit of flavor to it. I really do need to practice my weathering techniques a bit more. Perhaps on my next project, I will do just that.


Bruce Thompson said...

Awesome when you get time can you tell me what the size of the prop is? thanks my email is
Im Bruce

MattMunson said...

Sorry, but this piece is deep in storage. No measurements available.