Saturday, March 15, 2008

Enterprise Radiation Meter

I'm sort of in a prop making frenzy right now, working on multiple projects at once. I've had this litle guy "on the bench" for a while now, so it seems that it is time to finally finish it up.

I'm a big fan of completion, and I guess when a big project (like the rifle) starts to drag, I like to tackle some smaller projects to get more immediate results.

This little gem comes from one of the few really good episodes of Enterprise. Naturally, it's a fourth season ep. One of the mirror universe ones, in fact. Let's start off with a picture of a screen used piece from It's A Wrap:

My resin casting came out of the mold very cleanly, and didn't require much clean up at all. Within 20 minutes, I was hitting it with a coat of primer.

I decided to just go with Dupli-Color bright silver on this one. Don't know if it's the exact paint code, but I'm beyond caring about that stuff :) Besides, it'll look cool, and since I'm the only fella on the block to have one, there won't be anyone contesting me.

Because I had such a great reference shot for the graphic, it was a snap to put it together in Adobe Illustrator. Got the font 100% right too, which is always satisfying. I got some transparency printer paper, but it didn't work to well. The ink just rubbed right off.

The pic below shows the project as it stands today. I've got the badge all painted, and the graphic created. I just need to print it out in a way that will hold up to handling.

If not for the fact that the graphic is absolutely dead on perfect, I suppose this project wouldn't have turned out as cool. I'm quite happy with it. Now I just need to finish it!

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