Monday, March 10, 2008

Non Rifle, But Still Progress

I'm still pretty sick, so work is limited. I've been distracted lately with other, smaller projects. Those have taken a front seat over the rifle. I'm a big fan of results, and the rifle is just moving too slowly. I figure I've got another two or three hours in masking work to be done before I can lay down the black spray paint.

I don't have any progress pics of the other things I'm working on, but I'm currently kicking around a vulcan hand phaser and another alien padd. I have some pictures of the screen used props, that I'll post here for reference. Just to give you an idea where I'm going.

First up is the padd:

Hard to visualize from this picture, but all I have is the outer ring. The back is just a piece of styrene, and there's a layer of plex in between, protecting the graphic. No work has been done on the resin, but I did mark out a cutting template for the plex this evening. I'll attack that with a coping saw later on.

Here's what the vulcan pistol looks like

The keen eye will note that this is a simple redress of the Hirojin hand phaser from Voyager, with the nose tip sawed off. I took a close look at some of the other photos I got of this prop from "It's A Wrap", and determined that the main color was a rustoleum "hammered" metal finish. What I was not sure of is if it is silver, or a very light off green. My monitor is not perfectly calibrated, so it's hard to tell. I think it's the green, but I went with the silver. Go figure. I'm a walking contradiction. I'm pretty sure I've nailed down the copper highlights paint too. It's a rustoleum rattle can.

My replica is just about done. It's been sanded and primered, and tonight I zapped it with two coats of the hammered metal silver. I'm going to let it dry overnight, and then mask it off for the copper highlights. With any luck, I'll have some photos to show soon.

In other news, I'm prepping a few items for molding. I would have poured the rubber tonight, but the lower seal on my vac chamber is shot, so I had to glue it back to the base. I used some silicone glue, but it too needs 24 hours to dry. So I'll take another look at it tomorrow.

So lots going on right now, just not a lot to show. One of the things I'm going to mold is the "Zorg Remote" from The Fifth Element. it's a little hand held game that took me about 8 months to track down. It'll be good to get that project finished.

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Thomas Wold said...

I don't spend much time at your blog--but do think you are having fun with your various projects

And that's good.

Best wishes--a fellow blogger.