Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Primer, Putty, Paint

I only found about an hour and a half to work on projects today, but still got some solid work done. I'm focused on three items at the moment, which regular readers of this blog will know is an unusually low quantity.

The rifle is coming along nicely, but I've noticed a few places where the Krlyon black seems to be repelled. It's another case of mis-matched paints. So I went in with some primer and blasted the problematic parts.

Once that had dried, I went back over it with the Krylon and got all of the hard to reach places. It didn't work perfectly, but it's good enough. I plan on weathering the heck out of this piece once the paint dries, so it shouldn't matter all that much.

On the padd front, work continues on the two small TNG style padds. Here's the large window padd after I had done some sanding on the putty. This type of clean up is an iterative process. You clean up one set of problems, then address the next. This is after I had sanded down the first putty attack.

And here it is a few minutes later after a coat of primer. Grey primer really goes a long way in revealing the flaws in a piece. I've learned over time that natural lighting also helps a lot. You cannot just look at a piece in artifical lighting, especially when that lighting is either single source, or not the best.

While that was drying, I spent a little time on the other TNG padd. Just more putty clean up. I'm also trying to clean out the side railing. It's pretty dirty, and not very uniform. Here it is after another coat of primer.

Going back to the part about this being an iterative process, once the primer dried on the large-window padd, I went back in and put putty on the newly revealed problems. This is really meticulous work, which would probably be totally skipped were this a prop for screen use. But since this is something that I want to look good under closer scrutiny, I'm taking the time to get it nice and smooth. I try to limit myself to three of these iterations, as you could just go on forever if you wanted to.

Lastly, a little update on the Zorg remote project. My roll of reflective yellow tape showed up yesterday. It is PERFECT. It looks exactly like the stuff that was used on the screen used one, so I'm stoked.

The remote itself is half way under rubber. I'm still waiting for the mold release spray to show up so I can pour the second half of the mold.

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