Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Pull Out of The Mold

The mold of the chest emblem front plate is all ready to rock, so I poured one up using my newly perfected urethane techniques.

Here's the mold. You can see where the eurethane came squishing through the vents. I suppose that means they are doing their job.

A day later, here's the results. This picture was actually taken shortly after I did some dorking around with it, so there are a few smears on it.

It's not perfect, but in general, I am very pleased. The detail on the front is captured VERY nicely, and there are no bubbles on the front side. The back side is another story. There were a number of substantial bubbles in the urethane, meaning I need to do a little more work to get the mold working properly. There's also a TINY flaw in the mold, that was introduced due to some carelessness on my behalf. I think I can work around the flaw, but I am not sure. If it turns out to be impossible to work around, I may need to remold the chest piece. No big deal, as I'm now a total pro at it.

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