Thursday, November 19, 2009

Noble Collection Batman Grapnel Gun

Maybe I'm just a sucker for good advertising. I'm not sure. But once halloween wrapped up, lots of folks across the innertubes started posting pictures of their halloween adventures. A thread in particular, which can be found here over on a Batman costuming forum known as The Brotherhood Of The Bat REALLY caught my attention.

This guys TDK suit is executed really well. Amazingly well in fact, and it made me realize that the state of the union for fan costumes from The Dark Knight has finally reached a level where I'm interested in jumping in. I've already gotten a fantastic utility belt kit which I have yet to complete, and these revelations make me very tempted to pursue a complete TDK suit in ernest.

With that said, I've kind of had all things bat on my brain recently. One of the props I really liked from the Bale movies is the Grapnel Gun, the thing Bats uses to scale buildings and stuff. DC Direct put out a version, Noble Collection put out a version, and a very talented fellow prop builder who goes by the name JmTwo put out a version. I read a hobbyist review of all three, and I came to the conclusion that the Noble one would meet my needs the best.

But the timing was off, and I wanted the prices to drop. They never did, BUT a friend sent me some coupon codes for the Noble Collection website, so I was able to get it for 30 dollars off retail.

It arrived today, and I could not help but tear open the box, slice through the styrofoam, and unearth what is a REALLY amazing prop.

It comes attached into the display case, but it can be removed with a little work. I decided not to take it out, since I would only end up putting it right back in.

It has a working trigger, and a really smooth finish. The thing I like most about it is that it looks like a real piece of hardware. It doesn't have the soft edges or wonky lines that are often associated with a garage or fan kit. It's just darn beautiful. I feel that his is of the level of quality that the fan builder "Henry Wayne" has become known for delivering. Just a great piece, at a really good price. The fact that it comes with a really posh looking display case makes it that much better.

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