Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, Now I'm Just Getting Greedy!

In an attempt to prove that I've gotten my molds and pouring technique perfected, I set out to bang out another chest emblem in one day.

Which of course worked like a charm! The colors are a little different, with the red being a bit more red, and a little brighter. The yellows are shockingly similar.

So very cool. I think I may crank out another one or two, just to have on standby in case something goes wrong, but I can now consider this part of the project done. yay!


Carter said...

Looking awesome Matt! I know you've been reluctant in the past to sell off any replicas of your projects, but considering the other options available on the market now (and the fact I cant find a production used mold) I sincerely hope you reconsider! Again, absolutely amazing!

Mister Moster said...

Man, this looks amazing! Please make them available to the world; these shields are PERFECT!