Saturday, November 28, 2009

TDK: Two Face Coin

Today I have a neat little prop to show off. I ordered this online from a guy in Singapore who makes them. Or has them made.

It is a Harvey Dent / Two-Face coin from "The Dark Knight". I haven't really compared it to screen captures, but what I like most about it is the formality of its execution. It is a VERY well made piece! If there are people out there replicating coins to this degree of precision, I imagine there is a booming market for coin forgeries. It's a really nice piece, and I believe properly captures the spirit of the piece that was seen in the movie.

It's got a nice heft to it, and frankly, feels like a real coin. While this is not a prop I covet, for only fifteen bucks, it was impossible to pass up. It's a pretty iconic piece from the movie, and is instantly recognizeable. If you ask me.

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