Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DareDevil Costume Debut

I had the good fortune recently of being invited to an Avengers themed birthday party up in Los Angeles. Of course, I could not refuse, and this seemed like a great opportunity to field test my new DareDevil costume.

I posted about this costume earlier, but as a reminder it was built by David Pea's UD Replicas up in Canada. The suit is top quality, and fits really great. Sadly, the suits have sold out, and as of this writing, I cannot say for sure if David will ever be offering them again.

The cowl was purchased from Reevz Costumes & Sculpture. He delivered it to me incrediblly quickly, and I'm extremely pleased with the quality. Fans of the movie suit will notice that it is not accurate to the suit, but is more a comic book styled cowl. Of course, I would have LOVED to add a leather cowl with the tinted lenses on it, but with all of the other projects going on right now, I figured this off the shelf solution would work just fine. And it absolutely did. It's a beautiful sculpt, and the color is a very decent match for the UDReplicas suit. It's not PERFECT, but it's very close. With as much experience as I've had with tinting urethane, I'm amazed that it's as good as it is.

The billy clubs were built by me, in one hour, on the evening of the party. I got the invite at about 5:30, and by 6:45 I was on the road to the party. I will make a blog post showing the build shortly.

Overall, the costume was very comfortable, though as would be expected, pretty warm. The cowl was the killer. As it's urethane, it does not breathe AT ALL. The minute you put it on, your head starts sweating. I wore the costume as a complete unit for about 2 hours before taking off the cowl. It's totally do-able, but I'm thankful there was a cooler outside area for the party. I'm not sure how something like this would fare at a daytime event. The left boot continues to dig into the back of my heel, but this is pretty standard for a new pair of boots. I'm glad I've had a few opportunities to wear them lately, as this has helped to break them in. I'm still getting plenty of use out of those Ampoules, which I discovered in France a few years back while hiking. They are a life saver, and no costumer should be without.


Anonymous said...

how much did that cost?

MattMunson said...

I believe UD Replicas was selling them for about 1,200 bucks. For the full outfit. Jacket, pants, gloves, boots, belt. Cowl was from a friend named ReevesFX.

Aidan said...

Is there somewhere I can buy this, cause this is the first good daredevil costume I've found and was wondering if I could buy it and what's the price?

MattMunson said...

The suit was originally offered by a company named UD Replicas. They have since discontinued their marvel line, so it is no longer available through them. Your best bet would probably be to check ebay regularly. Hope that helps!