Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Sanding and Primer

I won't bore my dear readers with photo after photo of micro progress on the paint and finishing of the body, but since I'm still just starting out, and a lot of this stuff is new to me and the blog, so work with me people.

First up is the gas cap on the drivers side. I figured I had done a pretty good job of smoothing out the seams and putty, so I deployed the old spray gun and whacked it with a couple coats of the heavy build primer I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I started to run out of air pressure near the end, so the paint got a little clumpy. But since I plan on sanding almost all of that down, this is not of concern to me.

Another part of the car I'm working on is the back hood. I sanded the seam, puttied it up, and then just like the gas caps, attacked it with a coat of heavy build primer.

Tomorrow I will sand this stuff down and see where else I need to putty and smooth.

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