Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Engine Mounts Finished, Front Fender Body Work.

Work on the MattMobile continues! Of course!

Here's Bo, putting the finishing touches on the engine mounts. He built a tripod like structure on each side of the engine to hold it aloft and in place. Ground clearance under the oil pan is just under 4". The chassis is in its fully lowered position, meaning that under no circumstances will the engine ever get any closer to the ground. It's down on the bump stops right now.

Here's a few shots of the finished motor mounts. They look great!!

While Bo was busy doing the heavy lifting, I was attending to some body work. I ran another pass of putty over the drivers side seams, which are starting to look really good.

As with the drivers side, the front fender on the passengers side had a mis-registered seam that needed some serious attention. I started by building up the dent with fiberglass, which went a long way in solving the problem.

After a light sanding to knock down any hard edges or pointy bits, I then slathered on a layer of putty. Since this photo, I have sanded this once and put on another layer. It's starting to look really good.

In other news, I purchased this hoist from Amazon. It was about 175 bucks with shipping. This will be used to lift the shell on and off the chassis. I will need to build a frame to hold the hoist up. My original hope was to suspend this from the ceiling in the garage, but that proved a bit too problematic for my tastes. I fear I would end up pulling the entire house down.

There's plenty more I still need to post about, so check back soon for more updates.

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